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Proud to be a Journalist!

This past summer I travelled halfway around the world and back, and although this is the first I blogged about this, today marks one week that I’ve been at my new (and first) real job. Last Thursday, Oct. 7, I started working as a full-time newspaper reporter at The News-Item, a local paper in Shamokin, PA.  As I was nearing the end of my shift today and when driving home, I got to thinking how happy I am with the major I decided to pursue at Penn State.

While some of my family doesn’t completely understand why I have to work night shifts from 2-10 p.m., it reminds me of exactly why I chose this profession and the answer to that is because of change. I still remember in my one class when my one J-professor, Russell Eshleman, whom I had for advanced news reporting and editing, said that he loved that the job is different from day to day, you never know what you’ll be doing one day to the next. And I have to admit that he is 100% correct.

In the week that I’ve been there I’ve already updated the community events calendar numerous times, turned press releases into stories, gone to a Cub Scout meeting to do a story about their Halloween Parade float titled “It’s Scary to be Hungry”, interviewed a cancer survivor for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, gone to city meetings, and started working on a touching story that a 90-year-old WWII Vet sent in. Working as a reporter/journalist, I’m following my dreams and I feel like I’m making a change in people’s lives. I’ve always wanted to do something meaningful. Now while my family may not completely understand my tiring late-night shifts, it’s because the news NEVER sleeps, you never know when you’ll be called out to a fire or a, hopefully not fatal, car accident. I also just found out today that on Monday night, I’ll be going to Sunbury for a debate since it’s election season, which shows it’s certainly different every day. Journalists get to see some pretty amazing things as well, like with the miners in Chile. It was reported that upwards to 1000 journalists made their way for the rescue of the miners trapped underground for 69 days, and so far, I’ve gotten to travel and work in Beijing, China, which was an amazing experience.

Although for the time being, at least for a couple years, I’ll be working at this local paper, I know it’s only the start of my career and I hope I can move on to bigger and better things in the future. I have my eye set on the New York Times and I’m not going to stop till I get there!


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