Update: Movin’ on up

While I’m sitting here waiting for my rice to cook in my rice cooker downstairs, it seemed the perfect time to update my blog before lunch and then work later at 2 p.m. Also, before I get into the meat of this post, I hope you like the new layout, I think it fits more with my love for simplicity. The header picture is one that I took when I was in Tokyo, from Asakusa specifically. I tried to crop it the best I could. I like it though. Also, I updated my “About Tom” section since I’m no longer a student at Penn State and that info was quite old.

Moving on…

All this journalism stuff started when I was in high school, weird to think back to then. Photo at MTV from a yearbook trip to NYC in high school.

Due to some recent changes in my life, I feel I should write this post too. Although I only started working at The News-Item in Shamokin in October (2010), my first full-time job out of college, as of Friday, April 8 I left the newspaper for another job that I started this past Monday, April 11 at Republican Herald in Pottsville. It may not be a huge change, but it’s a larger paper and closer to home, since I live in Pottsville, and seemed the best for my situation right now. If anyone that I worked with at The News-Item reads this, I really wanted to thank them for all the help they gave me over the past six months working there. I really learned a lot. There’s a lot of things that they just can’t teach or prepare you for in college, such as covering accidents and fires. On my last day when I was talking to my editor Andy, he even said that it’s always a learning experience and with all the years he’s been doing this, he’s still learning everyday. So on that note, thanks NI, I really loved working there, but this was just something I had to do to save money and it should help me as I continue to climb the journalism ladder. The time was also right since there were multiple openings at the RH. For those of you that don’t know, it wasn’t a huge change going to RH since they are sister papers, both owned by the same company, Times-Shamrock, so it was more of a transfer than anything.

Now that I have all of that off my chest, I want to say that I’m going to continue looking towards the future. I’m going to keep gaining as much experience as I can and currently I write a technology blog for the newspaper, it’s still under the NI currently, but if you want to check it out, the address is: http://blogs.newsitem.com/tech/ .

I’m also going to start writing for another tech blog that is Android-focused called AndroidGuys. I already have approval to start writing for them, but with all this starting a new job stuff, I haven’t had a chance to get into it yet. I hope to within the next week.

While I plan to stay working at the Republican Herald for a while, I have no clue what the future holds. I’d love to go back to Japan and to work for Akihabara News, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. I’ve also been looking into going back to college for grad school, although it would just be more money to pay back. I’ve been looking at a college in California though, at San Jose State University, since they have a program to prepare journalists for communications careers in Silicon Valley. They seem to be revamping the program, so who knows how long that will take until they start accepting applicants again. I’ve also been looking into grad schools in the UK since they seem to have the programs that I’m interested with new media. I’m not sure how all that will end up though.

One last thing, after living on my own all throughout college, then spending a summer on my own halfway around the world, I sometimes get bummed living at home again, but it is for the best right now when I have no clue what the next couple years hold. Hopefully things will go according to plan!


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