Farewell 2010, this was one to remember!

I’m sure lots of people are writing their final blog entries until next year, and while overrated, I decided I better do the same. Over the course of 2010 I went from an immature college kid to, as my family says, “a mature adult”, although probably not entirely in my mind. I went from being unsure to what I wanted from life to now having some plan. I’m proud to admit I’m not completely clueless.

My last semester of college opened my mind up to more of the world, especially my international media class with Dr. Z. That class helped me not only finish college and get my B.A. in Journalism, but also helped me travel halfway around the world to China for the summer, to work in an amazing, yet strange environment.

In China, I also got to see one of my best friends again (Shin from Tokyo) for the first time in a year, in Shanghai of all places.

When I did finally come back, I really felt like a different person, more independent, and more grown up from spending two months living in a foreign world when I didn’t speak the language, ate strange food (probably shouldn’t have ate all the street food that gave me a stomach virus at one point), worked especially hard and did my laundry in a sink for most of the experience. I wouldn’t trade all that for anything.

It all helped me get my life in order and now I’m proud to say I’m a real journalist, working as a reporter for The News-Item in Shamokin, PA. It may not be the highest paying job, but I got it from the hard work I put into this year, and this is just the first step in my real life.

This year had it’s ups and downs, and I’m sure 2011 will also. Who knows what the new year will bring. Heartbreak?  Joy?Love? Pay raises?  A higher-paying job?  Grad school?  Electronic music?

Whatever it will be, I know I’m ready for it.

Happy New Year!


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